Snagit editor: Still Receiving “Failed To Save Document Error”

Following is my letter to Snagit forum:

The problem is you save a big multipages file in tiff or graphic format. First you should split it into sub files. For ex, you have a multipages with 50pages in tiff. My experience is only 15 pages you are allowed to save, if more than this number, you will get message: wait… or capture… The waiting time is about 1-2 minutes… And finally  you will get “failed to save document Error”…
I am using snagit to layout 850 pages scanned using MS imaging, under tiff format. I was encountering this problem too many times.. As you know, Snagit or any graphic editor can not work with any multipages file of  too many pages since the memory is limited. Try to split it into small ones !…  (Tran)

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