What is a man? Người là ai ? Một bài thơ dịch của Thoai Q Tran

Trong một kỳ post trước đây chúng tôi đã post hai bài thơ dịch của Thoai Q Tran, do giáo sư Trần Qui Phiệt dịch,  Ký này chúng tôi post bản dịch bài  thơ What is a man ? của Thoai Q. Tran do Bùi Huy dịch, được trích từ thi phẩm  Que Sera do… Read More What is a man? Người là ai ? Một bài thơ dịch của Thoai Q Tran


Aria  Her voice sings to me, like rising chords Drifting higher to where magic did soar: With soft phrases decorated with charm Glided lazily on sunlight’s reaching arms; Basking with life within melodies so soft; Delicately placed on magic floating aloft… Her voice sings to me, in unseen wonders That fills painted skies with lyrical… Read More Aria


Yearning  Within night’s tears, a lone dream Amidst the sorrows of today’s end; Time’s fluttering in chaos it seems: Crying, my soul reached for a friend: Loneliness, a company not depart- ing by my side: caressing my pain With Silence, and one broken heart. Crawling beneath this darken frame Of Night, my silent prayers to… Read More Yearning

Wow! By Golly Gee Whiz

Wow! By Golly Gee Whiz Wow! By golly gee whiz, what is this glow within my heart, shining through my soul like a soft flame flickering in lazy dreams as magical puffs of comet’s dust, it seems, covered my unbelieving eyes, so sincere! Greeted by soft melodies so tenderly near. caressing so softly sunset of… Read More Wow! By Golly Gee Whiz

What to Write About Now?

What to Write About Now? Many mindless moments drifted by, With shallow thoughts preoccupied: Lost for words, lost for reasons why. Fragmental ideas in broken rhythm, Broken in pieces scattered in some Meaningless mixtures, making them Finally coherent, understood, loving. To now pick up this pen, and begin A transformation of thoughts wherein Both memory… Read More What to Write About Now?

What is it like?

 What is it like?   To touch the stars with your fingers?To fly through golden rays of light? To bask in angelic voices unheard? To be showered by pollen spices? To taste polygonal snowflake so pure? To sleep on cloudy mattress endlessly? To paint sky’s canvass with deep azure? To dream crystal palaces, or what may… Read More What is it like?


Waltz One two three… Simple keystrokes carrying characters, As Letters danced across my vision: Cyclical, to rhythmic poundings, Thoughts thus appeared.   One by One – appearing – evaporating – Like fumes spreading chaos – Spreading emotions, ideas Across time’s spectrum, propagated: Shifting, changing, turning, evolving Throughout an empty soul. Radiating throughout Visualizing Her: within the… Read More Waltz

Waiting for you

Waiting for you Through time’s tears, in sighing nights: Frame stops of visions captured In double exposure Coloring gray scale of a world Diminished, in my despairing Thoughts floated through. Rhymes, without a line: A melody unheard by silence Shhh shhhh! Cried noone. Apparitions with denim jeans Polo cover-over, with gawking Shrieks. In 4 wheeled… Read More Waiting for you

Variations #2

Variations #2 Must the starlight, shining ever so bright; Even with colors beyond our simple sight; Looked upon by lonely souls here tonight. In pain, searching, yearning for, and despite Such glowing love; none is brighter alright. Stellar magic, a heavenly starburst delight As in your smile; surely one heavenly light… touch My world with… Read More Variations #2

Variations #1

Variations #1 Did my prayers to starlights up above, Answered Now? Can this be my Love? None had touched my soul, with this Yearning unspoken for one loving kiss. Ever through night’s blankets, I’d seen Love in your words, in my lonely dream. Look at glittering freckles on your face, Even more magical, with a… Read More Variations #1

Too busy thinking about love

Too busy thinking about love time flies by like night’s fleeting dreams yet all the time there’s nothing that seem more important to me, than my loving girl, so if everything can happen in this world, happens before me, before my weary eyes, i ain’t gonna pretend, and i ain’t gonna lie that my foolish… Read More Too busy thinking about love


Tonight Mysteries within the shroud of night: Through which comes a single light, Flashing, from a world so far away: Chasing darkness, like a coming day. Through time and space, a dream came: Following a heartbeat, a burning flame. Seeing your smiles through this mist, Living a dream I am, something which Through the years,… Read More Tonight


Soulmates  Who is that person you called soulmate, An idea conjured through lonely dreams? Existent in thoughts, someone you create; To fill a necessary void, so it thus seem? Has your lifetime spent in searching for A love, in futile search, for nobody there: Or something higher than you, no more – so a hopeless… Read More Soulmates 


Seconds  Fleeting passing, in a moment’s loss: Memory’s transiently coming, away Flashing within imprinted time tables. Like firefly’s flash in night’s cosmos, Scattering glitter quickly, how they Left, imprinted in memoir, flowing Away – lost forever, in time so brief. Or the rain droplet, free falling from Bountiful skies, so bursting into tears As it… Read More Seconds

Romance 101

Romance 101 Come my friends and you will learn: everything, with nothing left unturned in this seminar, all skills you seeked, the art of romancing surely be reached attained through our experienced hands working with you, and surely you can learn, and move on to master the skills demonstrated, and guaranteed for real. Learn practical… Read More Romance 101


Regrets To go through your entire life with regrets.  Forgot that right turn.  Woke up an hour too late.   Walked into that wrong door.   Never initiated that first “hello.”  Wandered purposelessly with little time left, only to find yourself lost in this dark tunnel: Different doors opened in secrecy, reckoned with choices, immediately the final… Read More Regrets

Que Sera 

Que Sera  Perhaps, What is this reflection of my life Envisioned through Transparence? A simple smile, so softly shining, Through a broken glass with Razor sharp edges. Distorted worlds within the confines Of  emptiness I’d envisioned… Perhaps the self-hatred of The reflection through the Transparent soul, drifting through Confines of broken glassy worlds. Love, Happiness,… Read More Que Sera 

Once ?

Once?  Once? Where had the light shined, Intersected within the breaths  Of your world. Distant lives, relived through Countless journeys. Traveled a million tears Through endless miles, Where had our souls met? Did your smile once shined Like a glimpse at the distant Star shared by our eyes? A million dice rolls, a remote Of… Read More Once ?