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How to bring the weight of a pdf file from 83 MB down to 8 MB without compression ?

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3-3-2019 8-10-33 AM


Suppose you have 35 files of jpg format that you scan them from a magazine. In order to make a flipbook you have to make them into only  a merged file of pdf format to upload
First of all you have to resize them equally..
I set its  size as 6″x9″.
The software I am using to resize is Fastone Photo Resizer. It is free software.

If I choose jpg as the  format  that I want to save all the files ,  then I have  all 35 files as the following:

Next step is  the creation of a pdf file including all of  35 files merged together. The sofware I am using here is Infanview, (select option -> Multipages image   -> create multipage pdf).

And I got this file that  its weight is almost  84 MB !
It is a big file that Issuu or Jumpu may reject if you need them for free !

If  pdf is format  I choose to resize then I have the following list:

Doing in the same way as we did with jpg format, we got the pdf file having only 8 MB ! !!! You save  76 MB !!!

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Increasing margins of all pages in a pdf file …

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A lot of questions on NET related to the increasing of size of a pdf document, such as :

– How do you add margins to a PDF?

– How do I increase the size of a PDF document?

– How do you add a border in Adobe Acrobat?

– How do you add a border to a PDF document?

-How do you add white space to a PDF?

It is also my question for 120 pages in pdf format
Their margins are very narrowed. Page number at the  top of each page is almost vanished.

I need to  increase margin at top and bottom of each page.
My  solution is simple and easy.
–  Print with new page format  of  lager size. For example, if your current page  size is letter  then you can choose legal as the size of new page
– select option:   Auto-rotate and center page in  any acrobat Printer setting screen .  (I highligh this area)

setup printer


And I got, like this:
page after

Now you can crop or trim the page border  to get desired  margin. It is very simple !

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(Solving) Sound failure after connecting laptop to smart TV by HDMI connector

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I have problem about sound when I  connect my  HP laptop to a smart TV monitor. No sound I got, but display is OK. Some Youtubes show audiences how to solve this problem, for example you have to set playback option, changing sound device. It makes me confused. Since sound panel of Windows 7 is different from Windows 10…

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Other way to make your Minolta MS6000 Microfilm work if you have idea to throw it away….

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My MS6000 has problem with C2 error code as a result of a bad sensor, I guess. But I am unable to find this sensor part to replace !  No way !
MS6000 Microfilm scanner  is  an obsolete machine. It is made for Library only and it is a vendor machine ! If it has problem , the best way is throw it away since you are unable to find its part (s).