OKI LED color printers: Poor quality printout and suggestions


The  poor quality in OKI LED color printing might be fallen on one of the following problems:

– Toner is almost running out
– Drum  is scratched or its life almost terminated
– Belt is scratched or its life is almost terminated
– Fuser is scratched
– LED Print head is dirty.

Depend on the knowledge and experiences of each person, the solution is solved easily or takes much time or much labor as well as money   This is my suggestion that I have learned from my experiences on OKI C3200, C5300, C6100, C330 that I own:

–  First, you should have extra printer accessories suchj as toner and drum cartridges (Y,B, C, M) and fuser, belt for reservation. I think you should have them since someday your   printer must need them after they reach to their life limitation.

– Test one after one with the good ones. First testwith tonner cartridges.  If the test  is OK then continue to test drum cartridges. If it is  OK then test fuser and so on. Finally if it is OK, then you must look at the LED Printer heads.

Below is the  bad print-out:


After following the steps that we suggest, we found the  LED head  above the red drum is dirty.  Below is the picture after it is clean:


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