Convert to a .TIF file which has .rar extension

 Reply to Dave’ s question

WINRAR is a software to unzip any file compressed under .RAR format extension. After unzipping, this uncompressed file type is .GPEG by default.
It is very simple to convert one by one from .GPEG type to .TIFF or another type such as PNG, PDF, BMP etc… However, one question is How to convert too many files of same .GPEG type to same .TIFF or another ones, for example, 100 files  only by click-and- drag the mouse?
On NET I found too many advices and suggestions. Some are asked people to  write batch code. Some to recommend any  commercial software.

This is my suggestion:

– Click Microsoft Office Picture Manager (under MS Office tool)
– Click Add picture shortcut
– All files are now shown up on the screen. Click to select any file desired.
-select export option  on the main  menu
– Select desired type at the “Export with this file format” shown at right side of the screen.

Good luck