How to bring the weight of a pdf file from 83 MB down to 8 MB without compression ?

3-3-2019 8-10-33 AM


Suppose you have 35 files of jpg format that you scan them from a magazine. In order to make a flipbook you have to make them into only  a merged file of pdf format to upload
First of all you have to resize them equally..
I set its  size as 6″x9″.
The software I am using to resize is Fastone Photo Resizer. It is free software.

If I choose jpg as the  format  that I want to save all the files ,  then I have  all 35 files as the following:

Next step is  the creation of a pdf file including all of  35 files merged together. The sofware I am using here is Infanview, (select option -> Multipages image   -> create multipage pdf).

And I got this file that  its weight is almost  84 MB !
It is a big file that Issuu or Jumpu may reject if you need them for free !

If  pdf is format  I choose to resize then I have the following list:

Doing in the same way as we did with jpg format, we got the pdf file having only 8 MB ! !!! You save  76 MB !!!