Download an audio file in wordpress in just one click !

I have some audio files in my old  WordPress blog that I never touch for a long time. Now I want to download them to my PC. On Net there are some  you-tube videos  to teach you how to download it but they are very complicated, requiring a lot of time and tasks to complete  such as copy URL , save or save as this  URL etc… I have tried some of them but they make me nervous. And I make up my mind I will do by myself !

One of the comments I remember is :”I need only one click !”

Yes. This is the way I found, with only one click. I would like to share with you.

Before using this method, you must have admin authorization.

First, open MEDIA, media libray will be popped up and all files are listed. On the top, you can see a task bar. Select Audio: all audio files are listed:


Select one  of them  you want to download by do left-mouse click, you can see another pop up screen shown up with edit option.


Select EDIT, you will get one click way to download:


It is very simple. Only one click ! audio file will be downloaded to your PC !

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