Problem with HP 5SI/8000 laserjet toner cartridge: What is wrong ?

Toner cartridge is different from ink cartridge. Toner is used for laser printer. Ink is for inkjet.

Any toner cartridge is composed  of three main components:


1. Blade

2. Magnetic roller

3. Drum

A sheet of paper after being pick up  from the paper drawer, first,  it is inserted into the toner cartridge. The job of magnetic roller is  to select proper magnetic toners, and stamps them on the paper. Then the paper is burned by fuser. THis is the last phase before you get the printout.

There are usually  four problems caused by bad or wrong cartridge:

1. Toner is almost empty
2. wrong with drum
3. Wrong with Magnetic roller
4. Wrong with Blade.

 Problem with toner almost empty

How to know and how to solve ?

– TRy to scale it weight. For HP 5SI or HP 8000 laserjet  If its weight is less than 6. lb, then it might need more toner.

– Try to shake it well then resubmit job or  print a  test. It the printout is OK then it needs toner .


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