(OKI C330dn) Error message: Improper Lock Lever Position.

I found problem improper lock toner cartridge with error code 544,545, 546, 547. on my OKI C330dn.  I would like to share with you my experiences to solve this problem.
– Drum and toner cartridge is locked improperly. It makes the drum “feels” that it is unable to communicate to the toner cartridge through its “window”.
– Unlock and take off the toner cartridge out of the drum. Clean any excess toner on the drum or toner cartridge. Lock again. Make sure the toner cartridge is locked to the drum. Sometimes you lock but it is improperly . Then pull up the whole unit (drums and toner cartridges) out of the printer then shake very well many times. This will make the toner to circulate in the drum or from the toner cartridg  to the drum. Put back the unit to the printer.
Any question mail me: tranhoaithu@verizon.net
Good luck !

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