How to reset tranfer belt on Oki C5300n ?

I have a problem with my Oki C5300. After initializion, the control panel always displays the error message : “Replace Belt 356: Belt life” while it is OK if it is intalled on  OKI C3200 or C5150 that I have. Error code 356 indicates the waste toner tank is full. Belt life indicates the life of the tranfer belt is ended. And OKI asks you  to purchase a new belt with the price is at least $180 on Ebay.

Via Internet, I found few solutions to help resetting without purchasing the new one. For example, from  US to UK or Australia, the resetting kit cost changes from $14 to $40.

Obviously, this type of error is bringing bucks to somebody!

For me, I don’t want to spend a lot of money for one thing that I know exactly it is good for other Oki printers that I own.

I found a post related when I google “Belt resetting on C5300n”.
Following are the instructions:

1. Turn on the printer while holding both the “+” and the “&” buttons at the same time until the user menu appears on the monitor.
2. Scrolling up or down by pressing “+” or “-” for “ENGINE DIAG MODE.” Press “Enter” to enter the “DIAGNOSTIC MODE xx.xx.xx” section.
3. Press and hold both the “-” and “On-line” buttons until “ENG DIAG LEVEL 2” is displayed.
4. Scrolling up or down by pressing “+” or “-” for “CONSUMABLE COUNTER SET” then press “Enter.”
5. Scrolling up or down by pressing “+” or “-” to find your consumable item. Press “Enter.”
6. Press “Cancel” to decrease the number or press “On-line” button to increase the number. You can also press the “+” or “-” for adjustment.

7. Hold these three buttons simultaneously until the “*” appears next to the digital count: On-line, Cancel, and Back.

8. Reset the consumable’s count to the number you selected, for instance, 50.

I have tried this procedure however it does not work.



Why ?

Oh, I understand why…

The reason is this error message is not caused by the transfer bell but by the printer itself. The first time error, Oki gives you a favor to keep on with 500 pages. After 500 pages if you do not replace the belt, then this error is stamped on the RAM with no excuse every time you turn on C5300,

Instead of Oki C5300 I tried Google  Oki C5200, because I think the operation system of two printers is same. I am lucky. I would like to share to everybody about my experiences. Hope this post may help you in the case you want to reset your belt, drum, fuser.

I also thank the author of this post. Yours helps me solve a very difficult problem, bring my printer back to normal. No more “replace Belt, 356: Belt life” is displayed.

Oki C5200N Consumable Reset

If you are replacing your consumable due to an error message on the printer saying its life is out or if you have
 , .
a malfunctioning consumable you will need to reset the life remaining percentage on the printer These percentages are
not stored in any way by the consumables and are kept in the printers NV Ram Below are the steps to reset all of the
 ( , , , ) . ,
counts ie fuser belt toner etc at once If you are using the network port please make a copy of your settings prior to
 . . , .
doing a reset You may need to reassign your network settings after the reset This is not common but possible If you
 , . .
are using the usb port it will remain unaffected Here are the steps for the consumable resets
1. (+/-) .
Turn machine on while pushing and holding the two menu buttons at same time
2. ” “
Menu window will show OKI USER
3. ” ” . .
Scroll to Engine Dialog Mode is indicated Push ENTER button
4. ” .. – .
Diagnostic Mode xx xx xx S Mode is indicated
5. “- ” . .
Scroll to NV Ram initial is indicated Push ENTER
6. “– 1”.
Window shows NV Ram Initial Table
7. 10 “
Push ONLINE and ENTER Buttons simultaneously and HOLD for seconds after you see
executing Reset
in menu window
8. .
Restart printer
, , 100%
 All toner drum fuser and transfer belt figures return to
Some users especially C
N owners may have a toner sensor error after installing used sets of toner cartridges The
 . . .
error is sporadic and can be bypassed The toner sensor check needs to be disabled Here are the instructions
1. (+/-) .
Turn machine on while pushing and holding the menu buttons at same time
2. ” “
Menu window will show OKI USER
3. ” ” . .
Scroll to Engine Dialog Mode is indicated Push Enter button
4. ” .. – .
Diagnostic Mode xx xx xx S Mode is indicated
5. (- +) ( = 2) .
Press or button until “ENGINE PARAMETER SET ” is displayed
Push Enter button
7. ” = ” .
Push Enter button
9. (- +) ” = ” .
Press or TONER SENSOR DISABLE is displayed
10. “-/” .
press ON LINE CANCEL buttons at same time
11. (*) .
is displayed
Restart Printer
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