What to Write About Now?

What to Write About Now?

Many mindless moments drifted by,
With shallow thoughts preoccupied:
Lost for words, lost for reasons why.
Fragmental ideas in broken rhythm,
Broken in pieces scattered in some
Meaningless mixtures, making them
Finally coherent, understood, loving.

To now pick up this pen, and begin
A transformation of thoughts wherein
Both memory and fantasy are woven,
A tapestry of creation through words,
Writing out this yearning to be heard,
Letting the soul’s desires be unfurled,
With passion, simplicity and loving.

Of subject matters so vastly manifold,
To just write, and let my thoughts flow,
Just about anything, and everything so:
Your smiles, your laughter, your eyes.
With gentle touches, passionate sighs,
Reflected in my few words, that’s why:
writing my thoughts and all my loving.

In a restless world like this is…

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