One two three…
Simple keystrokes carrying characters,
As Letters danced across my vision:
Cyclical, to rhythmic poundings,
Thoughts thus appeared.   One by
One – appearing – evaporating –

Like fumes spreading chaos –
Spreading emotions, ideas
Across time’s spectrum, propagated:
Shifting, changing, turning, evolving
Throughout an empty soul.
Radiating throughout
Visualizing Her: within the dancing
Characters floated across, left to right,
In waltz-like rhythm – representing
Images of  heart’s desires:
       1) the sparkle in her eyes 
       2) the tenderness of her smiles
       3) the shine of her hair against a canopy of sunlight
       4) the softness of her hands touching mine
one two three – one two three – one two three
left to right, downward: images whirled in
waltz-like dances – created – existed.
    as she finally appeared.
   Appeared from emptiness of melancholic dreams,
Brought forth by propagated characters floated
From existent thoughts – in waltz-like dances.

         I found her…my own…my own.

One two two – Bravo.

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