Standing there, through impatient voices
She looked away…
As Echoing tinted automobiles rushing by
Her gaze wandered at distant sunlight;
with curtain withdraws today’s memories,
Closing one more life’s biting act.
And Purple ceiling, greeting speckled spots
Of distant dreams, in light’s distant thoughts
Drape her wandering eyes.  Through darkness,
Through impatient voices…she had waited.

Six years old and already lost in this concrete world, of Giant spiraling comedomes and conical chrome spirals.  Transplanted to another world, without my choice, in  Land of the strange man with colorless face.  Across Millions of miles of endless drifting water worlds, I Thus arrived.   Alone.  Apart from where tropical drifts Kiss kindly drooping coconut leaves.   Only to Arrive to the distant gaze of colorless faces.   Six years old, transported by banana buses – I thought I was to follow that colorless girl home!   Founded within dizzy visions of giant comedomes and chrome spirals, all unknown to my coconut world.  Wandering across winding worlds, so Silently strange is the language of the colorless man, I searched for home – where drifting ocean breezes kiss drooping coconut leaves. so silent the colorless man’s face.  Mister, where is my home?

Standing there, through impatient twilight –
Now Erasing today’s memories.
She looked away.
Within three years of sparkling daytime,
Through impatient voices, her eyes gazing
At settling sun, soaked by returning shades
Of twilight…and hope once seen,
Shining distantly, inevitably setting beneath
unseen memories of twilight…
Standing there, she waited…gazing at
Distant dreams through darkness.
She looked away.

Twenty something years but a firefly’s flash, briefly seen beneath Metal-framed linings along slabs of cement strips on Broad And Market.   unknown. unseen… I searched for you.  Appearing Into memory, like flash of firefly resolved.  Wandering through Meandering thoughts, I searched for you.  Dizzy display Of downward developments, on empty streets and Lined by chromic Trees of halogen nuts.   Lost…Unseen…Forgotten like Flashing Firefly’s existence.    Wandering through meaningless meandering Worlds, in cafe-o-lait happy boxes, in love-on-display columns –“ you better look good before you reply “ – in drifting buttons of cyberworlds, where have I gone?  Wandering, Where did that colorless girl take me on that banana bus?  so silently strange the colorless girl’s face.
My love, where is my home?

Standing beneath draping nightfall, under speckled
Spots of distant dreams, she looked away.
Through impatient voices, and downward
Fades of memory’s flashes.  Three years of
Daylight…now gone.
She had waited patiently.  Standing in darkness,
Through impatient voices, she looked away.

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