Waiting for you

Waiting for you

Through time’s tears, in sighing nights:
Frame stops of visions captured
In double exposure
Coloring gray scale of a world
Diminished, in my despairing
Thoughts floated through.

Rhymes, without a line:
A melody unheard by silence
Shhh shhhh! Cried noone.

Apparitions with denim jeans
Polo cover-over, with gawking
Shrieks. In 4 wheeled iron plied
Driven by Hope. And Grey canines
Trotting to my arms….

My ink lines traced back
To your Heart:
Hear the beats resound!
In my breaths, manifest
Rising Fumes Towards you.

I stand here: alone!
Gazing towards bespectacled
Apparitions in polo-cover-over.
In slow motion of captured

Here is your smile……

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