Too late

  Too late 

One second

 I’m late…too late.  To see your glance
Within the crowd of gray striped vested trees,
And brown baggers and brief-casers.
Returning from six o’clock whistle blows.
Following your footsteps away, I stood…
And watch you disappeared within
Time’s immersing chaos – one second – Gone.

One hour

 I’m late…too late.  To hear your cries,
Within my misty night’s tears.   Overcame
By synthetic choo choo’ings and cranky
Motorby’s…on slippery cement pavements
Glistened with night’s tears.  I only
Heard silence, so I stood…
And heard your voice disappeared within
Time’s silent sorrows – one hour – Gone.

One day

 I’m late…too late.   To see your smiles,
Within tomorrow’s promises.  Unbroken,
Uttering vows, as you shall exist within
His world.  Forever your smiles be
His, within the bands of promise…
As I Stood by…only to see your smiles
Disappear into his eyes, within
Time’s broken dreams… one day – Gone..

One year

 I’m late…too late.  To feel  your rhythm
Of new life manifest, through newborn
Eyes.  Shared joy through your own,
A rejuvenation, He thus called Yours.
Only Your own. With infinite roads, Your
Love shall Begin…while I stood by:
Only to feel Yours, not Mine,
disappeared within Time’s
Imagined yearnings…one year – Gone.

One lifetime.

 I’m late…too late.   To look at your love,
Through these years I’d been without:
On broken paths, my travels astrayed.
Regretting all lifetimes, on lonely
circles.   Returning.  Without you.
While I stood by:
Only to look at your smiles disappeared
Within Time’s lost moments,
One lifetime – gone.

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