Rainfall of Poetry


Imagine innumerable droplets from
Heaven’s waterfall, sprinkling this
world with emotions, tears, joys.
Bursting into countless sorrows, as
it touches our naked skin.  Like streams
of thoughts wallowing through the
mental landscape, with words echoing
like pounding heaven drops…pounding
on empty landscapes, trickling images
flowing into view – pictured that.
a stream meandering around, around
In twisted visions, outward, expanding
Eddies of tears, dripping drearily down-
ward…slithering shyly into darkened
soul.   Look at innumerable words
From heaven’s waterfall, covering
our emptiness with tears, joys, smiling,
crying.   Tapping steadily, to the
Background of love’s yearnings –
How it does hum persistently!  Rapidly:
Gushing, surging downward, covering
Our nakedness with splashes of reflections,
As uncovered feet wallow through the
stream of existence…Feel the wet ripple
of life in the veins – flowing torrents
through empty soul,  Splashed by downward
droplets of heaven’s waterfalls,
raining words!  Raining with love! My
naked soul splashed with love’s words.

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