May I ?

May I hold your hands so softly,
as we walked through this dreamy
world, dissolved away like bubbles
popping with surprises and love,
side by side, such a lovely theme..
but only you, nothing else can be seen…

May I whisper caressing melodic words,
and little sweet silences to be heard..
like tender notes drifting all away..
to my beating heart, so I may say
the world’s richness all to be found
when your sparkling eyes are around.

May I reveal my foolish dreams aglow,
and future relishes if I may be bold,
for eternity is only tid-bit of time’s past..
and a lifetime is worth the wait at last
to have your radiant smiles for only me..
for such love, I had waited an eternity.
May I share your tears when life’s harshness
spill its gloom on this silent darkness..
when pain and sorrow just won’t seem to end
and tears seem to be your closest friends
I will laugh your cheers, cry your sorrows,
hand in hand, we will wait for tomorrow.

May I kiss your hands that I hold so dear,
and your sweet lips when you’re near..
and lean on you when I am down..
and be your special clown..
and tell you it’s true..
I always love you..
until I die…
May I?