It was love at first sight

 It was love at first sight

I, a pubescent boy who had just found out about the facts of life, was never exposed to anything like it.   There it was…its sleek and smooth body beckoned me on, to come closer,
and explore its unknown…the mysterious and dark secrets that were absolutely so intriguing to my own eyes, yet so repulsive to most who had the opportunity to witness it.  Its curves were sensual; and boy, how I yearned to feel them, to make every inch of it mine and mine only.

…love has ended before it’s begun..

The nose was small, but that was how I prefer it.  Anything in excess, in my unsophisticated opinion, was bad and quite unappealing; and how could i ever be comfortable with a nose that protruded out to the
edge of the universe?!   Whoah!  Check out that rear!  Hmm…Hmm…How could I not become infatuated with such beauty?   And the thoughts of what I could do with that flowed through my mind like a raging stream cascading down a mountain.    Anything and everything I would give just to hold it, to feel it, and carry it around in my loving hands.   I wanted to ride it right there!

And too many moonlight kisses…

It was covered with a black coat that was coarse and rugged, the purpose of which was obviously clear to me: to stick its body to mine in an every blissful union…like yin and yang, Romeo and Juliet, and etcetera and etcetera.   I realized that there was something majestic and wonderful beneath that black lining, something which will give me endless hours of fun and excitement.    Yes, like they say, you definitely can’t judge a book by its cover; and also, beauty is only “7 layers of hard maple wood” deep.  So with just one look, I instantly grasped these fundamental laws of relativity and judgement, the
same laws which I will then apply to everything else in the future. I wanted that so badly!

…seem to cool in the warmth of the sun.

I thought of all the things I will do on this – like cruising down the street as fast as my feet could possibly push, doing really long “wheelies,” and spinning countless 180’s turns.   I thought of all the foreign and exotic places I will go to and explore (my idea of foreign was the Burger King located 5 blocks away).   I thought of the endless hours of fun it will bring to my otherwise sheltered young life.

Yes, friends were scarce; and they too came and went.   But I realized that the great feeling I got when I first started will be there and will always be the same.  There were moments, which seemed to last forever, when friends could not be found; and all the problems in the world seemed to be on my shoulder for me to bear.   But they all dissolved into thin air whenever I hopped on it and pushed myself as fast as I possibly can push.  Call it a coming of age experience.    Call it anything you want…but I call it love.

When I fall in love, it will be forever…

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