Is it Wrong? 

 Is it Wrong? 

Is it wrong to want love?

 Thoughts preoccupied, my sight blinded
By couple’s cherished joys, I’d looked..
Ahead, and lost within dreams reminded
With sorrow my hands carried and took…
Wanting for the change and to once hold
Her world, her smiles, all within this soul..
Mine, yes yes yes, and  never let them go..
Is it wrong to dream? To just cry even so?

Is it wrong to receive love?

 Written rhymes, rethought out in cycles
Freely give to emptiness, forgotten words
I had reached out, silently asking: why so?
must loving hearts be asked, but not heard?
My prayers floated, lost, to land nowhere;
Close to your heart…not a beat felt for me.
To go through life without any who’d cared.
Is it wrong to ask? To smile?  Is it really?

Is it wrong to ask for love?

 Twenty something years boiled in my vein;
Yearning for one touch, a soul unheard of.
Divinely asked, patience is one more gained…
Forever living, in seconds, without my love…
Previous separations by Karma’s cruel ways:
My eyes sought for your star lights up above.
To finally touch a shine of those loving rays..
Is it wrong to feel?  and to yearn for my love?