I Had Seen Beautiful Things

I Had Seen Beautiful Things 

The endless rows of dancing daffodils,
In springtime’s lushness, all swaying
To and from in waltz-like movements,
As dallying morning winds held close.

Powdery puffs of heaven’s painted stills,
Shifting shapes of marshellow displays,
Against background of blueness whence
Splattered by golden rays of sunny flow.

Across dipping valleys, meandering fields,
Lined by sky-high canopy in vast array,
Branching life in reaching for Heaven’s
Canvass, carried with the lark’s echoes.

Imprinted sun-burnt grains of ocean’s spill,
Kissed by currents of waiting tidal waves,
Wading through crystal eddies, and then
Left behind within footprints of past roads.

Speckled spots on shadows shown, such until
Twilight’s ceiling meeting the passing day,
Like chandeliers glowing softly, surely sent
across night’s emptiness where this past goes.

Eighteen orange petals lining this pastel wheel
Saturated with brilliant splashes, so what may;
On dangling blade covered by fragrant scent,
Gliding softly through by nature’s strokes.

Her smile, glowing with life, as revealed
By visualizing nature’s innumerable ways;
Through variations of the same light hence:
glorious, simple, beautiful as nature shows.

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