Find Love at palm reader on Walnut Street

Find Love at palm reader on Walnut Street

Bring all questions to the little store,
On walnut street, between where the
Coming crossroads meet, intertwined
By spiritual planes, where the divine
Eyes look forward, tomorrow unfurl;
All questions asked, on second floor.

With ten dollars, your wish revealed,
Misery of waiting no more, here it is:
all answers needed, to finally quench
the heart’s desires; please place hence
your trust in her words, to accept this
evocation through magical ways until.

“Please tell the importance of the lines
Scribbled in random through the hands,
Crossing others, some longer in length;
Does love cross here? Or surely ain’t
This path shorter, do You understand?
Is my love here, or still waiting to find?

How lacking in lines, if You compare;
To other’s, and does this really mean:
My world is empty, as You’ll predict;
Or my true love awaits, is that really it?
Give me the news, how bad it seems:
Tell me my love’s through, if You dare.

At which point, so represented in time;
Will my eyes inevitably come across,
The beauty of that face, unbeknownst:
That someone whom I’ll call my own.
An hour, a day, a year? Or forever lost
I am , as revealed by these hidden lines?

so ten dollars, the future You command:
Sorrow in one hand, and joy in the other;
Tell me now, the news I will anticipate.
When love will come, at what set date?
Is the answer revealed, seen, discovered?
Or unknown, like my love, in my hands?