Flashing images came to mind,
within unrevealed depths:
           within Night’s blanket,
           shroud decorated with
           pockets of wishes,
transposed motionlessly
from frames further, further into recesses:

1) Lust – a beast trotting through

 condensed worlds of flesh – gnawed
 to the viscerals of desires…
 Craving for the taste of
 what sweet loins, drippingly
 salivation and ejaculated cries.
 Ahhhhhhh! salivating down.

2)  Fear – I was only five years old, when I found

 myself on an empty boat…rocking
 back and forth within the turbulence of
 unforgiving seas…an ocean of endless
 lives.    To swim through waves of
 chaos, and drown in my own tears…
 “Help me, for I am lost.”

3) Hate –  emptiness – skip to next paragraph 


4) Love –  what is this world I’d not seen?

  a life existed only in my dream,
  where smiles cover these days,
  like sparkling bursts of sunrays.
  to see your eyes gazed into mine:
  tenderly soft, touchingly divine.
  what is your smile, to not exist?
  but through silent prayers, has it?
  within workings of magic so rare,
  shattered briefly, and yet I’d dare
  refuse to wake up, to relive now:
  to not lose your smiles somehow…
  dream on, foolish heart…

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