As You Lay in His Arms 

As You Lay in His Arms 

Do you hear my voice?

 Speaking through background noise
 Of his coming sighs, his whispered
 Cries, his sharing your name:
 Shouted! Ejaculated through nighttime’s
 Spite! Spurting with erupted pleas –
 …Silently…do you hear me?

Do you see my thoughts?

 Whispered words whirling within
 Your mind – in meaningless rhymes –
 For your love…for your hands..
 For your eyes.  Covering your soul
 Like droplets of fallen dewdrops –
 Falling words reflected in descending
 …Unseen…do you find me? 

Do you feel my love?

 A magical moment – manifest with
 Adoring smiles – in his cherished
 Passions prying within
              Night’s yearnings.
 Shared pains, in his world, seeking
 Love’s forgiveness.  He asked 
 For your hands…for your eyes…
 …Unloved…Do you feel me?