Across All

Across endless emergent fields,
lined by rows of growing grains;
with crispy leaves hanging out:
to greet rays of rising sunlight
yielded elysian arms, embossed
frames shined down, spiral vines
about.  Through standing hills if
right above plush planes so high,
standing so tall, tips of summits
flashed before soft zephyr winds.
Over endless waves of green seas,
Wide as horizon’s reach, sightless.
Did the seas kiss the loving land,
Thin as smirched lines…gone as
Pleasing places, and it’ll hold the
Rest of the seas beneath the skies?
On mountain tops, touching the
Day’s blueness so crystally clear:
Above the highest of stars tonight,
In universal extensions far away,
Occurring within its spacey dawn:
Here love shall shined, love may.
Might a shine of the stars, and of
Swaying quarks, of magic within
Love, how it’ll travel through all
Places, no matter how wide apart:
Through endless worlds one seek
Shining love! To even the infinite,
Starting from here, to end whereof
A heart’s dreams existed in traces.
Meet love through all, if it’s true:
It will! Across all, throughout time.