A Love Poem for You

Uttering words within one scheme:
Shared by my thoughts, something
Called love: magical it thus seemed.
Recreation of emotions it will bring
In words with symbols comprehend-
ed , rhythmic patterns here to mimic
the heart yearnings through my pen.
What is a poem, a love poem, if it’s
Not with flow – gracefully smooth,
Silky, especially soft, somewhat like
the strands of hair descending down:
And the words thus shine! Bring life
To emptiness, melodies to the sound
Of love beatings, magic from a heart.
Simple, yes, within a block contained:
Yet rising, higher one shining spark
Lifting your soul to heavenly planes.
And poetic gestures, only to suffice
Chosen colors, enough to enunciate
Your beauty – in rhymes, that’s why:
What is a poem, a love poem, to say
but reflection of the loving thoughts,
Imprinted from here, out of the blue?
Sharing the heart’s desires, it ought
to: with all the love, from me to you…

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