What is a man? 

What is a man? 

What is a man, a soldier

A soldier, wandering through the
earth Through physical conquest,
in search of freedom Once bounded by chains,
now glorified in memories
Alone, his last breaths inhaling the essence of
His motherland, his heaven, him home.
through death, his legacy resurrects. He lives.
He is called the soldier.

What is a man, a poet

A poet, wallowing in man’s self-manifested
Imperfections – within hidden verses, a dream
He had envisioned, transiently.   Melancholic
Metaphoric transformation of words, he
Becomes You…as he danced on elysian fields,
He breathes in the essence of wonder,
Of magic unreal, unknown.  Through
Lyrical thoughts…he lives.
He is called the poet.

What is a man, a king

A king, reigning supreme across all.  On
The pedestal he overlooks high to Heaven’s
Gates, dangling from man’s miseries.
Imbued by fanfares of glorious trumpets,
Triumphant, immortal…his fingers point
To Juno’s eyes on divine backdrop.
Let the stars celebrate his immortal triumph:
Through divine supremacy…he thus lives.
He is called the king.

What is a man, nothing

 Nothing, a bleb of nonexistence, a random
Thought.   Naught the soldier, the poet,
Or the king, without her love.  He is
Empty, a flashing light within summer’s
Nights – transiently disappearing into
Memoir, as he is nothing.   With
Your love, I am called the soldier.
I am called the poet.
I am called the king.
I am called a man.

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