An Unbelievable parade !

At 1:30 pm today (5 / 15-20020), Ashbrook Nursing Home in Union County, NJ organized a parade called Reverse Resident Parade.

The purpose of this parade was to show off the residents of the nursing home considered fully recovered from the Covid-19 infection, which the Nursing home called “Reverse Resident”. Among of them there are two roommates of Asian origin: Vietnamese and Chinese. Both are infected and both are “reverse” from death to life.
We noticed one interesting thing: most residents on parade are women. There was only one man. After the nursing staff had taken residents out to the front of the nursing home, their relatives one by one started driving slowly through the line of the residents  in the wheelchair.
The people in the car waved their hands excitedly, the people in the wheelchairs also answered with a few swipes. The reason most people are too old. Next to the wheelchairs are nurses, nurse aides or other related people. They wear red T-shirts and blue T-shirts. This is a moving parade. People who had not seen their relatives for a long time now could see them live after their return from the death.They could also understand and appreciate those who had taken so many sacrifices to help these unfortunate people in their old age. These heroes do not need to practice two-feet social distancing. Their battle was a hand-to-hand combat.
The sky was full of sun light. The red and green colors of shirts  filled the whole yard. Plants and trees were luxuriantly green. Like the joy that filled every face of the people working behind the closed door. They had silently but heroically  fought, and today they were celebrating their victory.In the name of a relative present in the parade, I would like to salute and thank you, the soldiers of the outpost, with all my heart


A very touching story. Kudos and bravos to everyone who put together such a marvelous event. The “reserve residents” (one of whom is my sister-in law) also deserve our admiration. They are all my heroes

Qui-Phiet Tran