Increasing margins of all pages in a pdf file …

A lot of questions on NET related to the increasing of size of a pdf document, such as :

– How do you add margins to a PDF?

– How do I increase the size of a PDF document?

– How do you add a border in Adobe Acrobat?

– How do you add a border to a PDF document?

-How do you add white space to a PDF?

It is also my question for 120 pages in pdf format
Their margins are very narrowed. Page number at the  top of each page is almost vanished.

I need to  increase margin at top and bottom of each page.
My  solution is simple and easy.
–  Print with new page format  of  lager size. For example, if your current page  size is letter  then you can choose legal as the size of new page
– select option:   Auto-rotate and center page in  any acrobat Printer setting screen .  (I highligh this area)

setup printer


And I got, like this:
page after

Now you can crop or trim the page border  to get desired  margin. It is very simple !

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