Other way to make your Minolta MS6000 Microfilm work if you have idea to throw it away….

My MS6000 has problem with C2 error code as a result of a bad sensor, I guess. But I am unable to find this sensor part to replace !  No way !
MS6000 Microfilm scanner  is  an obsolete machine. It is made for Library only and it is a vendor machine ! If it has problem , the best way is throw it away since you are unable to find its part (s).

So how you solve this problem to make it back to work ?

  1. Making  it  becoming a Microfiche by swiching to F7 function. This function help you viewing your film on the screen as microfiche.
  2. How to select F7 ?
  • Press same time PC/PR + Shift + Auto
  • Press PC/PR until you get F
  • Press Darker until you get F7. Your Film is appeared on the screen. Press Start if your viewed film is dissappeared


3.  Put a flat scanner that is able to  to scan 35mm film (positive or negative) such as Canscan  9000F Mark II next to the microfilm machine


  1. scanning. We got 5 pages for every scanning !. Remember using option Color Positive Film ang grayscale.